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Danang Karaoke - One Opera Karaoke
From the second Danang Karaoke to the long time,
One Opera will take care of your Danang nightlife.

다낭 가라오케,다낭 가라오케 롱타임, 다낭 가라오케 2차

city ​​night view
Danang Karaoke
Danang NO.1 One Opera Karaoke Introduction

One Opera Karaoke is
the only one in Danang located inside a 5-star hotel, and is the largest and best establishment in Danang.
With only 21 rooms compared to 7 to 10 rooms at other establishments, we can accommodate the largest number of guests at the same time, and the number of young ladies is 2 to 3 times more. It is a full room every day and the attendance rate is about 80 to 150 ladies. Additionally, since it is located within a 5-star hotel, the facilities are excellent and security is also excellent.

As Danang's first generation karaoke, this is still evident to this day. We always maintain the highest standards through constant facility maintenance and improvement management, and we prioritize security and safety, so please feel free to stop by with your friends.

Danang Karaoke, Danang Karaoke Long Time, Danang Karaoke 2nd
Danang Karaoke, Danang Karaoke Long Time, Danang Karaoke 2nd
Da Nang is a popular beach city and one of Vietnam's tourist hubs. Enjoying karaoke here, tourists can spend their vacation admiring the beaches and enjoying the various tourist attractions.

​Karaoke in Da Nang 다낭 가라오케 롱타임

Danang Karaoke System
​​If you are looking for Danang
There are many karaoke bars in Da Nang (approximately 13 to 17) run by Koreans.
Danang Karaoke is popular among Koreans, but local karaoke is not suitable for Koreans and communication is difficult, so it is difficult to connect to the second round.
Most karaoke bars in Da Nang open at 5:30 PM.

The first choice will be made from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. Operating hours are mostly limited to 12 midnight.

It's a little different from Korean karaoke that runs until dawn.

Danang Karaoke, run by Koreans, has a similar system to Korean Karaoke.

Additionally, the quality of service is excellent because mind training is provided to continuously improve service.

Karaoke usage time is generally 2 hours, and a set of beer, soju, and foreign liquor is usually provided.

Since the price is per set, there is no need to worry too much about the price, and you can order according to your preference.

After using the room, 다낭 가라오케
you can engage in a variety of activities, such as having dinner with your partners, having a simple second party, or enjoying a party in the pool villa.

This freedom of movement and activity is one of the charms of Danang Karaoke and one of the reasons why many people visit Danang.

High quality service

Karaoke operating in Da Nang!
We invite you to the best service!
1. Excellent know-how in customer service care!
One Opera Karaoke provides the best service based on long-term operational know-how.
We always consider customer satisfaction our top priority and pride ourselves on providing excellent service and care. Our team always does our best for our customers, and we promise to do our best to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. If you are looking for here Danang Karaoke 2nd round, Danang Karaoke Long Time, this is Won Karaoke!
2. The best karaoke among Da Nang KTV!
There is a reason why it is considered the number one karaoke place in Da Nang. We have absorbed some of the local karaoke bars
and have excellent managers on standby, thereby providing high quality service.
You can experience the second round of Danang Karaoke with high-level service at a reasonable price .
You can enjoy high-quality karaoke at an affordable price.
Danang Karaoke Long Time Without Regrets!
Danang Karaoke Long Time
achieves 100% customer satisfaction with excellent service and beautiful appearance for the price.
We are always striving for the comfort and enjoyment of our customers.
Let's create fun moments together.
Top service from over 120 managers
Karaoke operating in Da Nang
provides stable service with at least 120 employees working even on weekends.
We are building a solid infrastructure to ensure customer satisfaction,
thereby ensuring the best service.
You can always experience stable and satisfactory service.
High quality service

Danang Karaoke 2nd Danang Karaoke Long Time Don’t worry! Full course!
Danang Karaoke, Danang Karaoke Long Time, Danang Karaoke 2nd
Introduction to Da Nang’s famous attractions and various attractive karaoke establishments
One Opera Karaoke, one of the famous places in Da Nang, Vietnam, is the No. 1 local karaoke that has been loved for many years.

1. Luxurious interior and reasonable price

One Opera has luxurious interiors and comfortable facilities while providing services to customers at reasonable prices.

In particular, customers who visit in groups receive a higher quality service at a lower price than in Korea.

​Satisfaction with both cost-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness is very high.

2. Professional and beautiful confections

One Opera's concierges provide top-level service that combines professionalism and beauty.

For those who think negatively that Korean and Southeast Asian managers cannot be compared, come to Danang Karaoke and try it.

Rather, you cannot escape the appeal of the high quality, level of manager, and price.

3. One Opera Karaoke provides rich experience and satisfaction

One Opera Karaoke has a variety of advantages, providing convenience to many travelers visiting Da Nang.

You can enjoy a special experience with trendy interiors, excellent service, and beautiful confections.

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